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Punjabi Folk Music and Dance in Education And the Community

Our Story & Who we are

We promote and practise cultural heritage through Punjabi Folk Music and dance. Our work includes education, training, consultancy and performance, enriching diversity and inclusion through various partnerships and projects.

We develop and deliver a range of innovative arts-based workshops, programmes, and projects to educate and empower people and groups throughout the community.

Azaad Arts is a Community Group which is dedicated to the development and music education of young people through Punjabi Folk music and projects.

Azaad Arts in Education – our aim is for the inclusion of arts learning in mainstream education; students and teachers partnering with artists, to incorporate the music of the Indian sub-continent into the curriculum.

About Us

Lessons With an Array of Instruments

Many different Punjabi instruments contribute to the unique sound of Bhangra music. Although the most prominent is the Dhol Drum, a variety of string instruments and other drums play key roles in creating the sounds, rhythms and feel. Click below to find out more...

photo Gallery

Please view some of our photos below.

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